Monday, 29 September 2014


Monday morning and I hope you had a brilliant weekend. We were celebrating two birthdays - mine and Noah's, so a busy time and as I'm racing to the studio early this morning, hence a slightly shorter post today. 
How quickly the time flies!
Today some pretty inspiration from my Pinterest board this week. As we are planning more house renovations I'm feeling inspired by light, airy kitchens and enjoying the pretty pink florals. It is a classic mix of masculine, feminine, pretty and hard, and the complicated with joyful simplicity.

Have a great day.


Friday, 26 September 2014

Ebay - top tips

Friday morning and hope you've had a great week. Today on the blog a few tips for those of you shopping and selling on ebay to get the best from your money.

You might have spotted my recent purchase on Instagram that I was pretty incredulous about! I am still a little skeptical that it actually is a genuine Hermès wallet, but it certainly looks the real deal and was not sold as such. The seller said they didn't know the brand as it had been a gift and I just happened to stumble on it as I was looking through some other items and recognised the design. If it had been listed as the label I don't think I would have got it for the same price. Other things I've bought recently on ebay include a french antique garden table, garden chairs, Nike trainers, and designer scarf. So here are my 10 tips for getting the best for your money.

1. Search for smaller brands that are less known, certain labels will always fetch a premium on ebay because they are in such high demand, whilst other brands can still be bought at a bargain price. I look out for brands like J & M Davdison, Goat, Equipment and Cos.

2. If you discover someone who shares your taste and dress size see what else they are selling. Quite often people will have a wardrobe clear out and you can buy a few items at once, saving postage charges.

3. Be careful when buying from overseas sellers as you can get stung on shipping charges.

4. Have a budget in mind and stick to it. Ebay can be as much about the buzz of bidding on an item last minute, but the combination of a couple of glasses of wine and a silk Equipment blouse can be an intoxicating mix so don't be tempted to keep increasing your maximum bid.

5. Look out for top end high street items at low end prices. There isn't a huge benefit to be had in buying a Zara jumper for £5 on ebay then paying £3 in postage charges. You're not really getting a maximum return on your investment, but a Nicole Farhi jumper for £25 is much better value, it will last you longer and you're likely to wear it more.

Do you have any tips that you've learnt from shopping on auction sites? Are there other sites you prefer to ebay? I'd love to hear from you. Have a great weekend and see you next week.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wardrobe Envy: Aurora Sansone fashion editor and stylist

Wednesday morning and hope you're having a lovely week. I'm in the studio this week, whilst my other half is travelling overseas for work which means a busy schedule and everything gets a little squeezed. 

Today I wanted to share a little style inspiration in the form of fashion editor Aurora Sansone. I discovered this week that a  lot of the street style photos I have pinned to my pinboard [here] were actually of the same person and by chance I discovered her name. 

Now don't get me wrong envy isn't a particularly nice quality I know. The more appropriate word would be covet. There are lots of people whose style I covet, but a few stand out in particular for their  unique sense of style and confidence. It is much like my yoga practice when I covet someone else's back bend in the room, it's a kind of admiration that I would like to emulate but not copy, just understand that I can apply myself in just the same way if I choose to. So no bad thing. 

Aurora manages to mix classic items with really bold on trend pieces with real flare. 

Whose style do you covet? See you on Friday. 










Monday, 22 September 2014

Style Advice: Skirts and ankle boots

Morning, hope you had a lovely weekend. We dodged the showers on Saturday to make it to a final barbecue of the year at a friends and then on Sunday we went for a long bike ride which was a lot of fun.

This morning's post is for a friend who lives in a beautiful part of rural France. A busy mum with her own thriving business, she emailed me a couple of weeks ago just as I was in the middle of my computer headache with a question about autumn skirts and boots:

"I have just bought a lovely A line skirt from H&M (black, textured cloth that is quite thick and so holds it's shape beautifully). I have no idea what ankle boots to put with it though! On the M&S site (as they can be delivered), there is a pair of Autograph heeled chelsea boots in black and also a pair of Indigo suede charcoal grey boots. They need to be suitable for daytime walking in City and to be flexible to wear with other things too..........should I stick to black or change up with a dark other colour. I've always found matching footwear to outfits tricky. Also, although i have a fitted black posh cardi for evenings, what to wear with it for a more casual look?"

I've speculated here a little with regards and the skirts and boots that Lisa is talking about here, but M&S have a great selection of boots [just a few below] this autumn, and at really reasonable prices.


And again, the skirt Lisa is talking about I think is number 3 below, but I've also included a few other great skirts that have a similar feel from Ted Baker and Dorothy Perkins.

This style is really flattering and wearable for when the temperature gets a little cooler. Just below the knee and slim at the waist, but wide at the hem, it is a really practical alternative to trousers as it doesn't restrict you and gives you the coverage you need running round after the kids. 

With the boots I think Lisa is spot on, the styles above from M&S are great for wearing with skirts. For most of us a little heel on an ankle boot will look more flattering than completely flat, and go as high as you are comfortable during the day. The shorter style boot can sometimes give the appearance of cutting your legs off short. If you have the confidence a flat boot will look really modern, but can be a little trickier to pull off. Go for a style that is more fitted to the ankle like styles 2, 3, 4 and 5 below, anything too welly-like will look bulky and heavy with the feminine skirt. A pair of dark, preferably thick denier tights looks better in my opinion than anything too sheer or shiny, unless you have the confidence to go bare [as below!].

In terms of the colour, black is always the safe bet, but the maroons, navys and greys this season are really versatile with most colours and as always this depends on how confident you are about mixing and matching your colours. [Lisa, stop worrying about mixing - you have a great eye and always look lovely!].

1. Plum zig zag waffle midi skirt, Dorothy Perkins | SHOP NOW |
2. Rosiah full ballet skirt, Ted Baker | SHOP NOW
3. Textured skirt, H&M | SHOP NOW |


1. Low suede back boot, Hush | SHOP NOW
2. Grey side zip ankle boot, Dorothy Perkins | SHOP NOW |
3. Petra navy boot, Dune | SHOP NOW
4. Suede navy ankle boots, Marks and Spencer | SHOP NOW |
5. Black Lexi pointed boot, Mint Velvet | SHOP NOW |
6. Gold zip boot, La Redoute | SHOP NOW

Finally a great alternative to the fitted cardigan for the weekend is the waterfall card, the coatigan, or the biker style zip cardi all below. To avoid the longer line cardigan looking too frumpy, you can always belt it with a contrasting coloured belt which will accentuate your waist and look modern.

Phew, hope that covers your question and you can find a few ideas here

1. Cosy coatigan, Boden | SHOP NOW |
2. Grey long line card, Mint Velvet | SHOP NOW |
3. Moss stitched cardigan, Farhi by Nicole Farhi | SHOP NOW |
4. Knitted double zip biker, Jigsaw | SHOP NOW |

Simple Inspiration: Edith Head

Friday, 19 September 2014

Simple Inspiration: Abstract prints

Friday already! Where has the week gone? Hope you've had a good one and you have something lovely planned for the weekend. Today on the blog a few of my favourites abstract prints. There are lots out there at the moment and you can be as bold or conservative as you like, some are floral inspired, others geometric, or artistic. Whatever your bag there's a style to suit. I love a printed skirt with a simple white shirt or jersey T, a printed dress is always a handy piece to keep for a special occasion and as always quality counts with these kinds of prints and fabric you can really tell the difference - unfortunately!

Would you try a print? Have a great weekend and see you next week.

1. Silk abstract print flare dress, Jaeger | SHOP NOW |
2. Parquet geo print skirt, Ted Baker | SHOP NOW |
3. Mary Portas jacquard slim cocoon dress, House of Fraser | SHOP NOW |
4. Marbled floral shell top, Whistles | SHOP NOW |
5. Abstract print top, Cos | SHOP NOW |

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Simple Inspiration: Uterqüe and Need Supply Co

As the temperature is starting to drop here in the UK I'm beginning to look at the new winter collections [about 6 month late in fashion terms!]. If, like me, you're looking to invest a little more money in your wardrobe than just a pair of floral pumps these websites might be a good place to start.

Sometimes it's worth spending that bit more money to get clothes and accessories that will stand the test of time. Uterqüe is a label I wasn't familiar with until a few weeks ago when I read about it in the Times. Part of the Inditex group which also owns Zara it is a much smaller label than it's big sister and focuses on quality and timeless styles rather than current trends. Available online to the UK and around the world it's prices are definitely a step above Zara.


Need Supply is more of a boutique website, offering fashion brands and labels that are really well curated and styled taking a lot of the effort out of shopping. Again, the prices are high but they offer a brilliant world wide delivery service and I'm a believer in saving up for those one off buys that you know will last. 

Do you have any favourite websites you look for inspiration and the occasional splurge? I'd love to hear, and if the weather is getting warmer in your particular part of the world, what are you looking forward to?