Tuesday, 19 June 2012

What to Look for: Design Classics


  1. Hi Amy, great tips and an elegantly simple post.

    Your blog is a pleasure to browse and I think your content lives up to your well-named title. Everything is so clean and elegant (yes I must use that word again-smile).

    I've bookmarked you so I can come back and visit.

    See you around BYW2.


  2. Amy, I love your take on shopping and your presentation on this post is super creative. I like that you emphasize authenticity and still encourage color and print in a practical way.

  3. Great post! im a classic girl...sometimes I wish i could go a little crazy and trendy in my look but I always go back to the classics...

  4. Lisa, Starlet and Anastasia, thanks for the lovely comments. [I'm mostly a classic girl too...sometimes it's fun to try something a little different though!] A x


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