Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Simple Living - Style Every Day

Morning All, hope your week is moving along nicely. Happy home? Healthy week? I'm having a great week blogging, I have some really fun and interesting people lined up for interviews over the next few weeks, so lots to look forward to, hope you're excited like I am.

I've been thinking lately about why I wanted to start my blog and what the inspiration is behind it. I started out like most people reading blogs. Blogs about interior design and homes in particular, because at the time we were renovating our new home, but it struck me that all these blogs talked about design in a way that was accessible and relevant to how I lived. They weren't prescriptive about 'trends', but acknowledged that style comes from inside us, it should reflect our own journeys and stories, and this was just how I felt about my own style, but lots of fashion magazines and websites I was reading treated clothes as something separate; our wardrobes weren't an extension of ourselves, but rather a reflection of the designers who created them, but this wasn't how I felt about my clothes. I wanted my wardrobe to reflect my personality, not theirs, and my personal style to tell my story, not the story someone else had created for me. So I started writing the blog as a way of exploring how clothes fit into our lives every day.

This is how my wardrobe fits into my life...

My style is simply part of who I am, often an after thought in a hectic day. But it also makes me feel comfortable [warm is important too!], confident [this is a big one because the wrong outfit can have the opposite effect], attractive [I have to acknowledge that this is still important - even though I'm happily married with a beautiful boy, I still want to feel vital and youthful], and modern [yep, this one is still important too. I'm not really interested in trends, but want my style to feel modern, relevant, and up to date]. 

In a nut shell my clothes have to work hard - I'm working in the studio occasionally, at home with Noah often, and out for dinner a lucky few times, and I want to feel at my best on all those occasions, but here's the concession  - without tremendous effort. I don't have the hours in the morning to get ready any more, this includes my hair and make-up which needs to be simple, easy to do and fast. Our clothes and make-up, just like good health and well-being can be an important vehicle to being our best selves. We all know the boost we get from looking and feeling our best, and it's that feeling that I keep reminding myself of. Clothes should give us that extra lift; soften our edges, accentuate our positives, a metaphorical highlighter for our spirit as well as our bodies.

In my continuing search for balance in my life I've tried to maintain a healthy approach to my wardrobe. My husband would still argue I've got more shoes than Carrie Bradshaw, but the reality is I don't, because there are other things in my life that are more important. As I've said before, style is the icing on top of the cake, without the substance of the filling it wouldn't be much of a cake. 

How does style fit into your life? And what do your clothes say about you? I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Hi Amy, what a great heartfelt post! That's what I love about your blog is that it's real, classic and super stylish without disregarding what's important. My uniform is trying to stay stylish, yet casual for school drop offs, to feel a little professional to write from home (lippy always helps) and hopefully something that I can add to if I also have the chance to pop out for the evening but the truth is I usually shower and redress because of the sticky finger marks everywhere. xx M

  2. Thanks Mel, so nice to have a voice out there answering. : ) x it's funny isn't it our clothes say so much about who we are and we just hope it communicates the message we want it to every day, but most of the time it's whatever is clean and dry! : D xx


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